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IT – Computer Science

Computer Science

Subject Leader: Mr A Tettenborn
Email: tettenborna@lytchett.org.uk

Why should I choose to study Computer Science?

GCSE Computer Science course is an enjoyable and challenging course and requires 100% dedication and commitment from all those who take this option. This course will be ideal for those who have a keen interest in Computer Science, who want to be part of the next UK Computer Science/programming generation and who are fully committed to the course.  But even if you do not wish to pursue a career in Computer Science, this course is ideal for developing logical thinking skills, the ability to solve problems and break down these solutions to manageable parts.

What is the content of the course?

The course is broken down into three components. Students study all three of them:

Paper 1 Computational thinking (50% of GCSE. 1 ½ hr written exam)

  • Fundamentals of algorithms
  • Programming
  • Fundamentals of data representation
  • Computer systems

Paper 2 Theoretical content (50% of GCSE. 1 ½ hr written exam)

  • Fundamentals of data representation
  • Computer systems
  • Fundamentals of computer networks
  • Fundamentals of cyber security
  • Relational databases and structured query language (SQL)
  • Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology

Non examined unit is a programming project, this will improve their programming skills but not count to the overall grade.

Computer Science Curriculum Overview Year 10

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Computer Science Curriculum Overview Year 11

IMedia Curriculum Overview Year 11

How will the course be assessed?

The course is split into two parts:

  • 2 Written papers 50% each

There is one tier of entry which covers all grades from 9-1.

What will the course be like?

The course will be "hands on" and rely heavily on your ability to organise yourself.  There will be a large element of computer programming but no prior experience of programming is necessary.

Coursework element:

Whilst there is no longer coursework to be completed as part of this course, students are expected to complete a substantial programming project.

Are there any special course requirements?

A desire to learn to programming

What can it lead onto?

Whether choosing a vocational or academic career when leaving school, Computer Science offers the widest possible choice to pupils.

 The GCSE Computer Science course provides all students with a valuable foundation for those wishing to continue their studies at A level.

Planning ahead for future career paths, opportunities for further study in Computer Science are almost boundless.  In fact, it should be noted that there are many Computer Science, programming and games design courses offered at university.