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Physical Education

Course Details

The course follows on from the KS3 programme of study, providing students with exciting opportunities to learn about and lead healthy, active lifestyles. A variety of roles and activities are offered, all of which encourage participation in sport.

The content of this GCSE physical education course is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle through the study of the following topics:

  • Health and fitness
  • Training
  • Diet
  • School influences on participation
  • Cultural and social factors influencing sport
  • Opportunities to get involved in physical activity
  • International factors influencing sport
  • Practical activity through participating as a player/performer, organiser, leader/coach, choreographer or official.

The course assesses students in two ways:

  • As a participant: Four assessments from at least 2 groups of activities as a player, coach, official or leader / choreographer. (Controlled Assessment – 90 marks – 60%)
  • Written exam: A mixture of multiple choice questions, some structured questions and extended written answer questions set in response to a pre-released scenario. (1 ½ Hours – 80 marks – 40%)