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Course Details

This course is designed to develop musicianship through performing, composing and listening. It is a stimulating and enjoyable course which is largely practically based. It builds directly on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired through music lessons in Years 7-9. Students who are learning an instrument will find that music GCSE enhances their skills and provides a foundation for further study. However, it is not essential to have additional instrumental lessons in order to take music GCSE.

During this course students develop their performance skills, both in groups and by themselves. They compose music in a range of styles and listen to extracts drawn from European music of the past 400 years, contemporary “pop” and music from all areas of the world. For much of the course, students can choose to focus on the styles of music that they are particularly interested in.

Assessment is based on the following:

  • One solo performance and one group performance recorded as coursework at any stage during the course. Students may choose to perform on any instruments and in any style (30%)
  • Two compositions recorded as coursework at any stage during the course (30%)
  • A 90-minute listening exam (40%)