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Media Studies

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The media, in all its forms (television, radio, cinema, web, print, etc), plays a huge role in shaping our attitudes, values and lifestyle. The aim of media studies is to help students to understand this role better, through creative, practical assignments which also give the chance to develop new skills with digital media equipment and software.

Students will learn to analyze different media forms in terms of the key concepts:

  • Audience: who is the target audience for a media text? How do we all differ in the way we ‘consume’ media?
  • Industry: What goes on behind the scenes? What are the main media jobs? Who makes the rules and regulates the media?
  • Representation: How are different groups of people shown or ‘represented’ in our media? Are stereotypes used?
  • Media Language: How do different media forms use different techniques to communicate to us?
Unit 1 – Investigating the Media (Exam 40%)

External assessment is based on a pre-released topic studied together in class, so that students are prepared for both knowledge-based ands creative tasks in response to a pre-released simulated media scenario. This allows students to prepare flexible responses in advance of the exam.

Unit 2 – Understanding the Media (Coursework 60%)

Students produce three assignments, using different types of media, chosen from a bank of set assignments from AQA Exam Board:

  • Introductory assignment
  • Cross-media assignment
  • Practical production and evaluation

We have designed the course so that assignments develop students’ skills and creativity across digital graphics, audio and moving image media.