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The volunteering section is about making a difference in the local community by giving service to others.

You can choose pretty much anything, so long as you are using your skills and experience, giving up your time to help out.

It can be something inside or outside of school; you just need someone to sign off and confirm your attendance at the end of your chosen time period. Within school you could assist with younger students, offering mentoring or support with reading, for example. You could help within your House office with specified duties or help to keep the site looking its best by litter picking.

Outside of school you could help an elderly neighbour with housework/gardening, volunteer at a charity shop or participate in a conservation project. If you are a member of a club, you could ask if you can assist with coaching/teaching or lead a voluntary organisation group such as the Scouts. While it is unlikely that they will say no, please ensure that you have checked with the person/group that you are volunteering for to make sure that they are happy to sign off your evidence at the end of the period of time specified within your eDofE profile.

If you are struggling to find an activity to use for this section of your award, please speak to a member of staff at one of the Friday training sessions.