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Theatre Technical Specification



  • Allen and Heath GLD80 digital mixing desk with 24 input/12 output digital multicore (hard patch wall-mounted stage boxes also available)
  • Outboard processing available upon specific request


  • Active RCF ART905 1000w subs
  • EM Acoustics mid/tops
  • EM Acoustics centre cluster
  • EM Acoustics delayed rear speakers (used only for surround sound when using the theatre in 'cinema' mode)
  • Yamaha P5000s amplifiers
  • Sound web patching controlled via AMX control surface app on an iPad


  • 2 x Active RCF ART312-a 800w monitor wedges
  • 6 monitor mixes are available - extra monitors can be hired in advance


  • 6 x Shure beta58
  • 3 x Shure sm58
  • 3 x Shure sm57
  • Audio Technica drum kit microphone pack
  • 2 x Beyerdynamic Opus 53 pencil condenser
  • 2 x Sontronix SC1 pencil condeser
  • 4 x Sennheiser headset mics with wireless belt packs and receiver units
  • 2 x Audio Technica PRO45 condenser hanging microphones

Show relay microphones are in place relaying audio into the dance and drama studios as well as the corridors. Paging is available by default from the control room but can be relocated.



  • ETC Congo Kid operating on a Cobalt server over 4 DMX universes


  • FOH/advance bars: 10 x ETC Source 4 LED profile (6 x 15/30, 4 x 25/50)
  • Advance bar stage wash: 8 x Chauvet COLORado LED par cans
  • On stage overhead: 12 x Philips Selecon PLFR1-03, 6 x Chauvet COLORado LED par cans
  • Cyclorama lights/back light: Philips Selecon PLCYC1-03

House lights

House lights are on universe 4 and controlled by default via either the AMX software on an iPad or the ETC Paradigm unit in the control room, but can be patched through the ETC Congo.

Hot power to all lanterns is 15 amps. Generics can be hired with dimmers - please allow as much notice as possible; the same applies to follow spots. Various haze options are available at no extra charge.

Projection and AV

  • Epson EBG6050W 5500 lumens projector
  • 3.5 x 2 metre projection screen
  • Dowser permanently installed if needed (manually blanks projector image, controlled via AMX software on an iPad)
  • Standalone screen and projector available upon request (no part of DMX/AMX universes but VGA/ethernet/network patching available for projection source location options)
  • VGA, HDMI, Apple TV and Blu-ray options available
  • Surround sound when using Blu-ray in 'cinema' mode
  • Most projection/AV controls are operated via the AMX app on our iPad


  • House tabs operated either via AMX app on our iPad or switches on stage
  • Fixed legs in place on swivel clamps masking wings and wing entrances
  • Fixed LX borders permanently installed
  • Mid stage split blacks operated via pulley
  • White cyclorama upstage
  • Stage extension available
  • Orchestra pit opens/closes manually via wooden flooring panels on rails
  • Fully integrated intercom system for stage/control room communication
  • Dimensions: 13 metres across into the wings; 9 metres between central arch; 6.5 metres from front edge of stage to the back
  • Stage opens up to both the theatre and the dance studio and can be obstructed/opened using movable doors