Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

Subject Leader: Mrs N Gill

What skills will PRE help me develop?
No matter what career path you eventually take, you will always be working with people and a GCSE in PRE indicates to an employer someone who has had experience of thinking critically, analysing other people's views and expressing themselves clearly. Presenting a balanced argument and criticising other viewpoints are examples of skills that students develop throughout the course.

What job will PRE help me get?
PRE helps you understand people and to think about the big issues that we all face.  For this reason it is an ideal choice for those thinking of careers dealing with the public or families; such as teaching, social work and the police.  We also examine issues relating to medical ethics and so we are hugely relevant to those pursuing a career in medicine.

Do we go on any trips?
Every other year our students take a residential trip to London visiting the sacred cows and the followers of Hare Krishna at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the amazing Neasden Temple and St Paul’s Cathedral.

GCSE students are also invited to join our sixth formers at various events and conferences.  For example we recently travelled to London to listen to Richard Dawkins talk about why he rejects religious ideas.

How will the course be assessed?
The course is assessed through a two hour exam paper on Philosophy and Ethics.  In addition there are two one hour exam papers on Christianity and Hinduism respectively.

Philosophy and Ethics make up 50% of the course; Hinduism and Christianity make up the remaining 50% between them.  There is no coursework.

What is the course about?
We follow the EDUQAS Religious Studies Route A course which involves a range of philosophical and ethical issues; as well as the study of Hinduism and Christianity.

Philosophy examines big questions and concepts, such as whether there is life after death, how do religion and science relate and the challenge of evil to there being a God.

In Ethics we consider the issues surrounding abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, wealth and human rights.

A variety of viewpoints are considered when exploring these topics including Humanist, Christian and Hindu attitudes.

Students are encouraged to form their own opinion of these issues and support their ideas with a well-reasoned and evaluated response.

PRE Core Curriculum Overview Year 10

PRE GCSE Curriculum Overview Year 10

PRE Core Curriculum Overview Year 11

PRE GCSE Curriculum Overview Year 11

What are lessons like?
Be prepared to discuss and debate the different philosophical and ethical issues in class, challenging other students’ ideas and explaining your own.

For many years we have consistently been placed amongst the top 25% of PRE departments nationally due to our results.  This is achieved through high expectations in terms of written work in class and at home with weekly exam question practice.

Areas of Study Include:

  • Relationships
  • Life after death
  • Good and evil
  • Human rights
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism

 Sixth Form links

 Our GCSE course provides an excellent grounding for our A Level in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics. We accept students who achieve at least a grade 6 In PRE and/or English Language.