Physical Education

Physical Education

Subject Leader: Mr B Law

What are the aims of the course?
The GCSE in Physical Education encourages a holistic understanding of PE. Students will receive a well-rounded and full introduction to the world of PE,  sport and sport science by developing an understanding of how the  mind and body works in relation to performance in physical activity.

What is the content of the course?
The content of this GCSE Physical Education course is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle through the study of the following topics:

  • Sports Psychology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physical Training
  • Movement analysis
  • Health Fitness and wellbeing
  • Social cultural influences

How will the course be assessed?
The course is split into 4 components:

Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems

  • 1 hr 45min written exam).
  • 36% of the qualification

Component 2:  Health and Performance

  • 1hr 15min written exam
  • 24% of the qualification

Component 3: Practical Performance

  • Practical assessment
  • 30% of the qualification

Component 4: Personal Exercise

 Programme (PEP)

  • Practical assessment
  • 10% of the qualification

What will the course be like?
The course will be made up of classroom based theory lessons and practical lessons. This will aid you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts and apply it to a practical situation

Are there any special requirements?
You will be expected to produce the highest standards of work both practically and theoretically.

Implicit in this is the requirement to attend all lessons with the correct equipment. Students MUST also participate in sport outside of lessons in extra-curricular school clubs or in the community.

Equipment required:

PE kit consisting of: polo shirt, navy school training top, navy shorts, navy socks, trainers, boots, astro boots, shin pads and gum shield if appropriate

You will have the opportunity to purchase a new GCSE polo shirt for practical lessons. You will be given an exercise book for theory lessons.

What will I be able to do by the end of the course?
This course will enable you to improve your ability to plan, perform and evaluate physical activities and allow you to have the confidence and knowledge to be able to follow a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, it will provide an ideal foundation should you wish to progress to    A level Physical Education or BTEC Sport Level 3.