IT (Creative iMedia)

Subject Leader: Mr A Tettenborn

Why should I choose to study the IT Creative iMedia National Certificate?
The course is 75% coursework so should suit students who prefer practical activities.  The course gives an excellent insight into project management and in particular project management in IT situations. The 3 coursework units should give students an insight into running a project. They will also learn Office Software skills.  There is no programming on this course.

What is the content of the course?
The course is broken down into four units. Students will study all four of them:

  • Unit R081: Pre-production skills
  • Unit R082: Creating digital graphics
  • Unit R085: Creating a multipage website
  • Unit R092: Developing digital games

How will the course be assessed?
Unit 1 is an examined unit for 25%
Unit 2 is an NEA for 25%
Unit 3 is an NEA for 25%
Unit 4 is an NEA for 25%

The grading is as follows:

Level 2:
2* (distinction *)

Unit 1 (RO81):  25% Examination - This unit will enable learners to understand pre-production skills used in the creative and digital media sector. It will develop their understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process.

Unit 2 (RO82):  25% of National Certificate - This unit builds on unit R081 and learners will be able to apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in that unit and vice versa. Digital graphics feature in many areas of our lives and play a very important part in today’s world. The digital media sector relies heavily on these visual stimulants within the products it produces, to communicate messages effectively.

Units RO85 and RO92 Allow the user to plan and create a website and a game using computer software, each is worth 25%

Are there any special course requirements?
There are no requirements for this course, apart from an interest in computers and information technology going forward. Would suit students who do not want to do programming

What can it lead onto?
This National Certificate equips learners with the practical IT skills they need to progress to other Level 2 qualifications or apprenticeships, junior roles in the IT industry, or to Level 3 general or vocational qualifications. The award will count the same as GCSE’s for further studies in Year 12.