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Design and Technology – Graphics

Design and Technology: Graphics

Subject Leader: Mrs J Everett
Email: everettj@lytchett.org.uk

What are the aims of the course?
Throughout Years 7 to 9 students will have produced a wide range of exciting projects in Design and Technology using graphics, food, and resistant materials.  If you particularly enjoyed the creative and practical side of the subject then you now have the opportunity to specialise in one of three subject areas at GCSE

  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Graphics
  • Materials

In all three areas students will cover a wide range of activities.  Over the two years they will develop their creative designing and making skills. Students will also improve their technical knowledge and begin to learn about various industrial processes.  Students are rewarded for producing imaginative and high quality products. We hope they will develop interests that lead them to follow a wide variety of careers closely associated with these subjects.

How will the course be assessed?
All courses are split into two components:

Written paper 50%
Non Exam Assessment 50%

In Graphics and Materials, students are expected to work on one non-exam assessment project.

All 3 GCSEs have an enviable track record of high achievement when it comes to results.  Many students traditionally exceed their target grades in these subjects.

Progression into the Sixth Form
Many students have enjoyed their GCSE studies so much that they go onto study A level Product Design or Food Science and Nutrition, both of which are highly successful courses.


Jobs associated with a Graphics qualification:

  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Illustrator

What will you study?
Graphics is a very creative subject in which you will be learning through designing and making.

Graphics involves:

  • drawing accurately in 2 and 3D to communicate ideas
  • designing and modelling a range of outcomes including small hand held products, packaging, pop up cards and a range of promotional items
  • using CAD and CAM to develop and produce your designs to a really high standard

Final exam projects have included making products such as board games, pop up books, musical instruments and events promotional items.

How might it be useful in the future?
Studying Graphics will give you an insight into the design world and related fields.

It will be helpful if you are looking for a creative career which uses lots of designing and problem solving, both by hand or using ICT.

The use of new technologies and CAD/CAM skills will allow you to develop as an effective and independent learner. Graphics involves developing study skills such as: research, investigation, designing, problem solving and evaluation.

What Year 11 students say about the course?
“Graphics is intellectually challenging but also fun, we have a great atmosphere which makes you want to succeed.”
“It gives you the freedom to do individual project work, which I really enjoy.”