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Subject Leader: Mrs N Midworth
Email: midworthn@lytchett.org.uk

What are the aims of the course?
GCSE Drama encourages students to develop a personal interest into why Drama matters:  to work together imaginatively and creatively and to reflect on and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

What is the content of the course?
Students will explore practically a range of stimuli using the core skills required of a performer, director or designer, before completing a devised piece of theatre which is then supported by a written portfolio.

This is followed by the practical study of a full play resulting in a final performance to a visiting examiner alongside a short monologue/duologue.

Finally, students will prepare and complete a written examination based on a set play in which they study practically in lessons and they will also complete a live theatre review. This exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

How will the course be assessed?
The course is assessed through three units of work, both practical and written evidence which is marked externally or moderated.

Component 1:  Devising 40% - This internally marked unit is made up using the following assessment aims:
Performance 15 marks
Written Portfolio 45 marks

Component 2: Performance of a text 20%

Two performances assessed by a visiting external examiner:
Performance 1: 24 marks
Performance 2: 24 marks

Component 3: Written Exam 40%.
Section A is based on a set text and is made up of 5 questions worth 45 marks in total.
Section B is a live review made up of two questions and is worth 15 marks.

What is expected of me?
The Drama studio is a creative environment and students will be expected to be mutually supportive in all areas of work. If you can’t work with other people, this course is not for you! 

All modules for GCSE Drama are totally based on group work. Therefore it is sometimes essential to the success of your studies, and to those in your group, that students stay after school for rehearsals. Students will be informed of this in advance and this is regarded as 'homework' time.

Theatre visits are arranged as often as possible as well as the opportunity to work with theatre professionals and students will be expected to attend these and write about these experiences.

Further study and careers
You will be able to move to A Level and/or BTEC courses. The work in the Sixth Form develops naturally from the GCSE and encourages you to extend and further your practical performance and creative skills.

The skills obtained from Drama GCSE allow greater access to a multitude of careers including PR, Law, Teaching, Politics as well as roles where presentation skills are key.