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Art and Design

Art and Design

Subject Leader: Mr A Gower
Email: gowera@lytchett.org.uk

What are the aims of the course?
This is an exciting and stimulating course for students who have developed a proven enthusiasm for Art & Design during Years 7-9. The course aims to provide a lively and challenging involvement in a broad range of Art and Design activities which all students then use to develop and communicate their own ideas.

What is the content of the course?
Throughout the course students will experiment with and refine their skills in the use of a wide range of materials including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, photography, digital media as well as constructed and modelled sculpture.  Students will then use these skills to create individual responses to the themes of each coursework project.

During the first half of Year 10 students will follow a foundation project, they will then develop individual personal work guided by their strengths and interests.  This is intended to allow students to broaden their understanding of their own art work as well as analysing and making connections to the work of other artists and designers.

How will it be assessed?
Coursework produced throughout Year 10 and 11 makes up 60% of the final grade with the final practical examination project counting for 40%.  There is no final written examination; however, students are expected to annotate their sketchbooks throughout the course with analysis of other artists’ work.

What will the course be like?
Whilst all students will experience working with similar media, they are encouraged to become increasingly independent as the course progresses.   School visits to galleries and exhibitions will take place during the course, but students are also encouraged and expected to visit exhibitions independently.  It is very important that students are resourceful and take responsibility for the development of personal work.  Work at home is as important as studio-based work and students are also encouraged to seek extra support by attending the weekly after school coursework club.

Are there any special requirements?
If you are considering opting for Art & Design you should have shown some ability in the subject such as drawing, use of colour or media but most importantly a genuine enthusiasm for art and design as a whole.

Students are expected to provide their own sketchbooks for each project and have an extensive set of materials to use for homework tasks.  Financial support is available for Pupil Premium students.

What will I be able to do by the end of the course?
As a successful GCSE Art & Design student you will be able to use a broad range of media with confidence in the production of personal and accomplished final pieces of work.  You will also be able to research other artists and designers and use this to inform and influence your own work.

The Creative and Visual Arts are a large and expanding sector in the economy with many varied career opportunities for hard working and talented individuals.  Currently over three million people work in the creative industries throughout the UK.

Successful completion of the GCSE course will enable you to go onto study Fine Art, Textiles or Photography at A level.  This in turn could lead to further study at Further or Higher Education level in one of the many creative and visual arts areas such as fashion and textiles, graphic design, animation, film and new media, design management, fine art, 3D design or sculpture and animation.  Lytchett Minster School Art Department has a strong tradition of students successfully taking up a wide variety of Higher Education courses in this field.