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Course Details

This course has been chosen because it provides:

  • opportunities to develop experimental and investigative abilities
  • an understanding of scientific knowledge, including its power and limitations
  • an understanding of the technological and environmental applications of science and of the economic, social and ethical implications of these.

The science courses on offer are all from the AQA exam board. Students study all three aspects of science – biology, chemistry and physics. For triple scientists, the course is divided into nine modules with topics such as human biology, electricity and waves and earth and atmosphere. Double scientists will complete six modules and core (single) scientists will complete three modules. Each module is directly concerned with one aspect of science, but brings in any that are relevant to that topic.

All three science courses are linear in structure and so examinations will take place at the end of the course.

  • Final exams will account for 75% of the qualification.
  • Controlled assessments (ISAs) will account for 25% of the qualification.