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The mathematics programmes of study place a renewed emphasis on problem solving, functionality and mathematical thinking. The course will provide students with a worthwhile educational experience in mathematics, whether or not students go on to study it beyond GCSE. Our students study the Edexcel Linear course (1MA0).

The following topics are covered:

  • Recall and knowledge
  • Select and apply mathematical knowledge in a range of contexts
  • Interpret and analyse problems and generate strategies to solve them

These latter criteria place a greater emphasis on application and problem solving. This is now taking up a great proportion of the exam papers than in previous years.

Students will need to develop skills in a wide range of computational methods in order to solve a variety of numerical problems. They also need to develop algebraic techniques in order to solve equations and apply formulae.

Throughout the course, students will explore shape and space through drawing and practical work. They will encounter and use both imperial and metric measurements, and will develop skills in geometrical reasoning. Students will collect, process, represent and interpret data often as a result of exploring their own hypotheses. Students will engage in experimental work to look at the principles of random events, so that they can estimate and calculate the probabilities of these events.

Students follow the Edexcel Linear GCSE (1MA0) course and are entered for an appropriate tier of entry – either Foundation (C-G) or Higher (A*-D). They sit both calculator and non-calculator papers in the summer of Year 11.