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The aim of this mostly practical GCSE is to give students the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of dance styles and to develop aesthetic and artistic sensibility to dance works. It also aims to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to perform, choreograph and appreciate dance including an awareness of its artistic contexts. Also to develop life-skills and attributes which include decision making, critical and creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity and the ability to co-operate with others.

Written Paper – (20% of total marks): questions on syllabus content, set work, professional dance pieces, and a set area of study.
Practical Exam – (20% of total marks): to perform a set dance learnt during the course (set study).
Coursework – (60% of total marks)
Performance – To perform in one group dance. (20%)
Choreography – To choreograph a group dance. (30%)
Choreograph – A description and appraisal of the above choreography. (10%)