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Parental Survey Responses


1. My son/daughter is happy at this school
2. My son/daughter feels safe at this school
3. My son/daughter makes good progress at this school
4. My son/daughter is well looked after at this school
5. My son/daughter is taught well at this school
6. My son/daughter receives appropriate homework for their age
7. This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved
8. This school deals effectively with bullying
9. This school is well led and managed

10. This school responds well to any concerns I raise
11. I receive valuable information from the school about my son/daughter's progress
12. The transition process from primary to secondary school was well managed 1
13. The options process has been informative 2
14. My son/daughter is happy with the GCSE option choices available 2
15. My son/daughter is planning to stay on into the Sixth Form at Lytchett 3
16. I would recommend this school to other parents

1 Year 7 only

2 Year 9 only

3 Years 10 and 11 only


Year 7

Optional comments:

  • Daughter is happy with classes and teachers.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Very happy with school.
  • All good thank you.
  • Amazing Maths Team
  • Quote from daughter: "amazing"; quote from daughter's friend: "fun".
  • Joined after Christmas and settling in well.
  • My daughter only started after October half term and has settled well.
  • Thank you. My daughter has commenced Year 7 with a fantastic learning attitude, thanks for all the encouragement.
  • Thank you. We think this is a fantastic school.
  • Thank you all for making my daughter feel so happy at school.
  • The quantity of homework for a Year 7 student is a little excessive.
  • As we came from an out of catchment school, lots of information before starting school was not received.

Questionnaires answered: 65.

Year 8

Optional comments:

  • Very happy.
  • This year my son has really settled into this school after bullying issues in Year 7. I am very pleased with his progress.
  • Appreciate the assistance of Mrs Hocking regarding report questions.
  • Loves doing all the extra-curricular activities that make her really happy.
  • It's a wonderful school. My daughter is making amazing progress and is really happy at school.
  • Admirable effort by staff - they are to be praised for the care of each pupil.
  • All my children love the school and their results are always fantastic.
  • Our son is progressing exceptionally well and enjoys coming to school. Thank you for all the hard work that helps him achieve his goals.
  • Handball after school club?
  • An online booking system for parents evening would be good.
  • Uniform needs a jumper in the winter.
  • Parents need to be more informed how to achieve merits, student of the month etc. Also, not sure how much consistency there is between teachers when doing grades 1, 2 etc. Some
    teachers 'top' level is a 2.
  • No response to email of importance from us.
  • It was difficult to get appointments to see teachers so we only got to see half of them.
  • Eventually bullying is dealt with when the correct teachers are informed.
  • Happy about school results but bullying could have been dealt with quickly.
  • No response to message left for Head of House to contact me me as I had concerns over an incident of harassment. It has now been dealt with and my child is happy but I felt like I didn't
    need to be phoning more than about twice in case I became annoying.

Questionnaires answered: 68.

Year 9

Optional comments:

  • Maths is great!
  • Thank you for the continued encouragement and SSC support.
  • The support my daughter has received has been exemplary from all staff. Staff can see my daughter's potential and constantly challenge her to use it.
  • Teachers take too long to sort out bullying.
  • No representation of business studies as no prior tasters.
  • Could be more information about my child's progress.
  • It would be really helpful if parents could check what homework their child gets online.
  • My child would like to do both RE and Spanish and there seems to be no flexibility with these valuable subjects.

Questionnaires answered: 59.

Year 10

Optional comments:

  • It would have been helpful to have all of my child's teachers available.
  • Longer parents' evening slots.
  • Just fabulous - thank you!
  • I feel as if the school dealth with my child but not with the bullies themselves as they carry on to do the same thing to other people.
  • My son reports that he sometimes sees vulnerable students being bullied with no follow-up as it continues.
  • Really helpful and constructive feedback.
  • Thank you for all the hard work.
  • I disagree about progress information as I am no longer receiving emails.
  • Excellent school. Good teachers and facilities, better communication with parents regarding Year 10 work experience.

Questionnaires answered: 56.

Year 11

Optional comments:

  • Progress is being made, although incidents should not happen to begin with.
  • Not sure questions rasied regarding foundation classes and exams allowed to be taken were answered.
  • My daughter has struggled at times with the work but has been listened to and helped by her head of house. We are grateful for that.
  • Thank you.
  • I have been really pleased with all of the support provided; I really can't thank you enough for everything you have helped them to achieve.
  • I was not aware that the after school revision sessions had begun. I will encourage our son to attend from now on.

Questionnaires answered: 42.