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Mission to Mars STEM Project

A group of Year 7 students have been working on a STEM project called “Mission to Mars” which is a series of STEM challenges around the Perseverance Mars Rover.

The first project was to construct ‘rovers’ using pre-programmed Lego robots, the students created rovers that could move and steer around. Each team approached the problem with a different design, finding the pros and cons and working together to keep improving their creation.

Next up in the series was simulating landing the rover on Mars without destroying it, using eggs and tomatoes to represent the rover. To limit the destruction and save their delicate passengers the students extended the time of the collision. This was achieved first by putting tomatoes onto a vehicle which careered down a slope into a crumple zone using just sheets of paper.

The next stage the students had to create landing modules to soften the landing of a falling egg, which included a paddle cradle and parachute.

The final stage was about testing the creations and looking at the science involved with the potential energy being translated into kinetic energy.

The next session will see the students returning to the robots and will be working on programming.

A huge thank you to Bournemouth University Schools Liaison and Partnership Team who helped out with extra Lego supplies, along with Mel Ventham, Chris Sherwood and Mark Jeffs who ran the egg drop challenge!