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Medical Work Experience

Today we are incredibly excited to let you know about our new virtual work experience programme.

We are all aware that getting work experience is a huge challenge for aspiring medics and this has been largely compounded by COVID. We are therefore delighted to have a genuinely brilliant solution.

We have partnered up with Kissing It Better, a leading charity who have been recognised by NHS England and the BMA. They have recently been featured heavily on the news for their excellent work in supporting older, isolated people in Care Homes.

Through our joint programme, we will be giving students the opportunity to connect with these people through Zoom coordinated sessions to build up the key skills they will need during their medical training and career, while also importantly supporting a vulnerable demographic.

Alongside the live Zoom calls, there will be a suite of learning modules to help students get the most out of this unique volunteering opportunity.

We anticipate this programme being taken up by thousands of students globally as we are inundated with requests daily. The programme will be running in different countries, such as Australia, and live Zoom sessions will be taking place to accommodate for global time zones.

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