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Marine Geoscience Experience

How you can help solve the climate and environmental crisis as a Marine Geoscientist

The Marine Studies Group at the Geological Society of London is hosting a youth webinar on Wednesday, 24 February for GCSE and A Level geography, geology and STEM students to help them understand the future career opportunities within marine geoscience. This will be delivered simultaenously on both Zoom and YouTube, from 5.00pm for one hour.

Do you want to use some of the most advanced technology in the world to explore the world at the bottom of the oceans? Understanding this little-known part of our planet is critical for determining how Earth lives and breathes.

Marine geoscience involves the study of and exploration of the rocks and sediments at the bottom of the ocean. The field of marine geoscience draws a wide range of people with backgrounds ranging from physics and chemistry to earth sciences, geography and biology.

By combining an understanding of seabed processes with today’s cutting-edge technology, marine geoscientists work at the leading edge of research, in resource management, carbon capture and storage, the study of past climate and marine infrastructure. Their work is absolutely critical to the understanding and mitigation of future climate change to ensure a safe environment for your generation.

Want to get involved? Join this webinar to learn about career opportunities in this exciting and rapidly evolving field and find out how you can contribute to the sustainable future of our planet as a marine geoscientist.

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