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Shoebox Appeal

We are pleased to be launching this year’s shoebox appeal in partnership with the Wareham Rotary Club.

We aim to create gift packages to send to disadvantaged children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania. Last year, we managed to collect a staggering number of items and put together somewhere in excess of 120 boxes.

This year, we would like to create shoeboxes for boys and girls in four different age categories. Contents can include items such as hats, gloves, toothbrushes, soft toys and books. Students may decide to donate a whole box themselves or to give a couple of items to add to their tutor groups’ collective boxes. Each shoebox should be wrapped as a present with Christmas paper, although the lid should be wrapped separately to the box, so that Customs officers may inspect the contents without damage. Please secure shoebox lids with an elastic band. Boxes should be identified as to their target age range and gender, using the cut-out part of the information leaflet. Please include a £1 coin to help pay for transportation.

We do understand that this year has been very difficult for many, so please do not feel under any obligation to donate to this appeal.

The deadline for bringing completed shoeboxes into school is Monday, 2 November, thus allowing time over half term. The boxes will then stand for a couple of days before being moved for transportation into Europe.

You can download the Rotary Shoebox Appeal leaflet here, which includes further information including which items should be avoided.