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Student’s Gold Medal in Taekwondo

Congratulations to Anna Prystupa-Davies, Year 8, Kimmeridge house, who is part of the Wessex Taekwondo Association. Anna recently took part in the British Taekwondo National Championships in Manchester. Over the course of 2019, she has competed in a number of competitions from Southampton, London and Nottingham, achieving Gold and Silver medals in all but one of them. The Nationals competes the best of the best against one another; being runner up in last year’s competition in Sheffield, Anna was keen to improve this year. She trains four to five times a week, making sacrifices in her social life so she can continually improve.

Anna achieved a well-deserved Gold medal at the Nationals, beating her opponent 16-0, which is an incredible feat given that she did not allow her opponent to score a single point in all the 3 rounds, which is rare at this level.

This is an incredible achievement and has required hours of dedication, hard work, discipline and bravery to reach these levels and to be crowned best in the country for her category.

Anna will now move into the advanced categories and will be grading for her black belt in 2020, with her sights firmly set on moving to the international stage and possibly a place in the GB Taekwondo Academy.