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Religious Education

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Short Course RE

All students follow the OCR philosophy and ethics short course which results in a half GCSE. As well as developing their understanding of ethical issues from cloning to capital punishment, students develop an excellent understanding of Christianity and Hinduism and come out of the course having developed a variety of soft skills. In particular, through the teaching activities we employ, students grow as independent learners, develop confidence to present their points of view, research effectively, and of course have a lot of fun as well! Over Years 10 and 11 students study four units culminating in two exams at the end of Year 11, for which students will be well prepared, having completed a series of assessments designed to build knowledge and develop skills.

Full Course RE

Great descriptions of the Infancy Gospels of Jesus by @ProfPMiddleton that we look at as part of Theme 1 and the identity of Jesus. #ALevelRSWebinar #ALevelPRE #ALevelChristianity

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In slightly smaller classes, with more teacher input and more opportunity to explore issues thoroughly and explore the ideas raised by the group, the full course is a great time for students to develop their own thinking and perhaps reflect on their opinion of tough questions facing us. Past students are ample testimony to both the challenge and fun of the course, as well as the academically excellent results achieved.

The full course has been, for many students, a great grounding in the subject which leads well, and prepares them for philosophy and ethics at Sixth Form level. Far from the staid image RE has sometimes had in the past, today it is blossoming in numbers across the country and has been esteemed by some of the top universities in the country for the thinking skills it develops.

The GCSE is great fun, will give students a range of skills and is, we believe, one of the most interesting subjects there is.

The course is assessed through two exams at the end of Year 11, in addition to the two exams students do as part of the short course. The two elements of full and short course RE will combine to make a complete GCSE.