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The aims of GCSE English and English Literature are to give students the opportunity to explore their interests and develop:

  • Their ability to read, understand, write and respond to a wide variety of written and spoken English
  • Their awareness of society, history and culture related to the set texts
  • Their ability to create and deliver meaning in speech and writing, matching style to audience and purpose

Students will study a variety of different types of literature and language including:

  • Shakespeare
  • Literature from before and during the twentieth century
  • Prose, poetry and drama
  • Texts from other cultures and traditions
  • Non fiction and media writing to include newspaper articles, leaflets, reports, autobiography and travel writing

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During the course the department has traditionally arranged various trips to theatres to support the work in the classroom. Students will also have the chance to take part in drama and ICT-based activities.

Generally, students will be expected to take the GCSE exams in both language and literature. Students must produce work on a regular basis which is completed to the best of their ability.

Upon completion of all of the coursework requirements, students will be entered for either the Foundation or the Higher examination. However, we also hope that students will gain the following:

  • The ability to communicate ideas clearly in speaking and writing
  • The ability to read, understand, enjoy and respond to a wide variety of literature and media
  • A willingness to respect and learn from the viewpoints of other people and other cultures
  • Two separate GCSE awards for these subjects
  • The course is a good foundation for English AS/A2 courses