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Design and Technology

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Throughout Years 7 to 9, students will have produced a wide range of exciting projects in Design and Technology, using graphics, textiles, food, electronics and resistant materials.

Those who particularly enjoyed the creative and practical side of the subject are now given the opportunity to specialise in a choice of three subject areas and follow one of our new exciting GCSE courses:

  • Food technology
  • Graphic products
  • Resistant materials

A wide range of activities are covered in all three subjects, which develop creative design and making skills over the two years. Students will also improve their technical knowledge and begin to learn about various industrial processes. Rewards are given for the production of imaginative and high quality products. We hope students will develop interests that lead them to follow a wide variety of careers closely associated with these subjects.

All courses are split into two components:

  • Written paper: 40%
  • Designing and making project: 60%