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Art and Design

Course Details

In KS4 we offer three Art & Design GCSE courses each with their own specialism. The three courses are:

  • Fine art
  • Textile design
  • Three dimensional design

These are all exciting and stimulating courses for students who have developed a proven enthusiasm for Art & Design during Years 7-9. The courses aim to provide a lively and challenging involvement in a broad range of practical Art and Design activities, as well as developing students’ understanding of visual culture which enriches all their lives. Students then use the knowledge and skills gained to communicate their own ideas through the production of a practical portfolio of creative artwork.

Whilst all students on each of the Art & Design courses will initially experience working with similar media, students are encouraged to become independent in their thinking as well as in their art and design practice. School visits to galleries and exhibitions will take place during the course, however students are also encouraged and expected to visit exhibitions independently. It is very important that students are resourceful and take responsibility for the development of personal work. Work at home is as important as studio-based work and students are also encouraged to seek extra support by attending the weekly after school GCSE coursework club.