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Emergency Closure Process

There are occasions when it will be necessary for the school to close temporarily in the interests of the health and safety of all students and staff. In most cases this will be as a result of extreme adverse weather conditions, such as significant snow coverage (the fact that it is snowing does not in itself qualify) and widespread ice, very high winds or possibly due to problems relating to the school buildings such as with heating or electrical supply.

The decision on whether the school closes is not made lightly. As a school we fully appreciate the consequent effects of a closure on students’ education and the significant inconvenience it can cause parents. The decision will be made as early as possible following advice from the Met Office and after considering our unique local conditions. The school will also be guided by the bus companies as to whether or not they feel it is safe or feasible to transport children.

If the closure occurs during the school day, it is important that parents do not simply turn up asking for their children. This places an impossible burden on Reception staff and gets in the way of making an orderly and safe response to poor weather conditions for all students. Above all, the safe arrival and departure of the students and staff and their safety on site is paramount when deciding whether or not to close the school and it is vital that we are permitted by parents to arrange this in an orderly manner.

If such a decision is taken we will always inform parents via messages immediately the decision is taken: the primary route is via the school website. This is the most up to date information; during school hours, please avoid jamming the school switchboard. Outside of school hours, we will put a message on the answerphone as well as the website on local radio stations (including Heart 102.3, BBC Radio Solent and Wessex FM – such information is usually broadcast at breakfast time at regular intervals and is also posted on their websites as well). We may also contact you via text message and email for those parents who have supplied us with mobile and email contact details.