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The physical section allows you to focus on your health and fitness. This can be with an activity that you already participate in, or used as an opportunity to try something new!

It can be something inside or outside of school; you just need someone to sign off and confirm your attendance at the end of your chosen time period. If you join a club in school, such as basketball club, you can ask the member of staff that runs the club. Outside of school, you can ask the club organiser/your coach etc. While it is unlikely that they will say no, please check with the club organiser/coach before adding their name to your Physical section.

This is the section of the award that people tend to know instantly what it is that they are going to do. Some examples of the activities that past DofE participants have used for their Physical section include: joining football club, kitesurfing, sailing, horse riding and trampolining.

If you are struggling to find an activity to use for this section of your award, please speak to a member of staff at one of the Friday training sessions.