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British Science Week 2020

Planning for British Science Week is well underway at Lytchett, with this year’s theme being “our diverse planet”. Throughout the week, we will be celebrating the amazing variety we see across the world from cultural and societal diversity of knowledge and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

This year’s planning has been handed over to a willing band of Year 8 students: Isobel, Evie, Kobi, Henry, Elliot, Angus, Zach, Eliesha and Ellie. They have put together a fun and engaging programme of events to enable students to understand, from a scientific perspective, more about the diverse planet we live on. The students have tried all of these activities for themselves, completed the risk assessments, ordered the resources and put together the presentations for lessons – as well as making the promotional posters.

During the week, Year 7 will be examining variation between humans and finding out what kind of tasters they are. Year 8 will be looking at military technology from the perspective of careers, and seeing how scientists support the army in developing foods to support their nutritional requirements. Year 9 will also be looking at technology and careers, and will be replicating practical activities carried out by astronaut Tim Peake when he was on board the International Space Station.

In addition, our traditional lunchtime extravaganzas will be provided by staff for the enjoyment of all:

  • Tuesday, 10 March: Dr Bonney – Barmy Biodiversity
  • Wednesay, 11 March: Mr Barrett – Chemistry Chaos
  • Thursday, 12 March: Mrs Frith – It’s a Mystery
  • Friday, 13 March: Mr Sherwood – It’s Electrifying

Our Year 8 students have worked extremely hard in organising this event and we would like to thank them for all their efforts in putting together such a brilliant celebration of science.