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Former Student’s Oscar Nominated Film

We are delighted to share news of a former student, Danielle Turkov, who studied A Level languages at Lytchett and was involved in several of the school's theatrical productions.

After leaving Lytchett in 2005, Dani went on to major in Spanish and Hebrew at university in London. This led to a job in Barcelona, where she taught English and Dancing. Since then, she has worked as a translator for the European Union and served in Martin Schulz's office when he was President of the European Union. More recently, she has worked with human rights organisations and is now co-running a company making documentaries.

She recently co-produced a film called The Cave, which has been nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar, and has already received a number of important awards within the film industry. The Cave is based on the work of hospital medics in war-torn Syria; its trailer is available below.

Dani, now based in Brussels, is due to become a mother in April and is currently enjoying a break with her husband, Cliff Wilson, another Lytchett alumnus. Cliff, aside from having cycled around the world, is a languages graduate and a private tutor. Cliff and Dani are pictured, right, at the 2020 Oscars.