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Advent Challenge

Every year, the Philosophy, Religion and Ethics department runs the Advent Challenge as we approach Christmas. No doubt many students will have chocolate advent calendars at home but we are challenging both staff and students to perform an act of kindness each day.

Each student has received a "reverse" advent calendar (pictured here); additionally, each tutor room has a copy. The PRE department will be sharing information about the acts of kindness reported daily, via their Twitter feed, which you may wish to follow!

Students in Years 7 to 9 who are inspired by this endeavour are welcome to join our "Random Acts of Kindness" club, which meets every Friday lunchtime. Previously, this club has undertaken activities such as:

  • sending postcards to residents in care homes
  • leaving messages of kindness and positivity around the school
  • leaving chocolate coins and thank you notes to members of staff
  • planting trees around the school site
  • providing food for the school's bird tables

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