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Year 8 Meet Rocket-Powered Car Team

Recently we were fortunate enough to host members of the Bloodhound car team, who came to work with a group of our Year 8 students. Bloodhound has been featured on BBC news, having travelled at over 600mph; the team is currently building up to an attempt at the land speed record. The car has been built with a wide array of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills, from the rotational force of 50,000 G created at the rim of the solid aluminium wheels, to the aerodynamics simulated using a supercomputer, and the highly skilled motorsport technicians actually putting the car together.

In their workshop with the team, the students had to take an air rocket and make it into a land vehicle, using K’Nex to build it. Some of the creations were quite elaborate, with some of the best opting for a streamlined design. Tests were run to discover whether tyres were a help or a hindrance.

The best results achieved were as follows:

  • Session 1: Kaitlyn Blake and Roxy Turner-Higgins – 4.5m
  • Session 2: Rubyn Badman, Holly-Marie Friday, Louise Woods and Bradley Merritt – 8m
  • Session 3: Lexie Ashcroft, Ella Hutchings, Isabella O’Sullivan and Scarlett Tanner – 4.6m

The exercise helped the students to develop some useful skills, including the importance of teamwork, how to learn from test runs, the effects of different forces and how to use their imaginations to create designs from nothing more than a pile of sticks!

We are hugely grateful to the Bloodhound team for coming in and so inspiring our students.