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Students’ Forensics Workshop

Bournemouth University recently visited Lytchett to stage a murder scene in one of our art rooms, giving students a fascinating glimpse into the world of forensic science.

The participating students went through the process of analysing a blood spatter pattern, measuring the different specks before tracing it back to where the source would have been, to start building a picture of what happened on the fateful day. Then they analysed the footprints found at the scene, their sizes and pattern, to see whose they may be. Next was a fingerprint analysis, followed by a handwriting scrutiny. Some students realised at this point that their “anonymous” notes aren’t actually quite as anonymous as they first thought!

Through this fascinating workshop, students developed a host of skills including teamwork, communication, critical thinking, analysis, and a broad range of mathematical proficiencies including calculation, measurement and angles, along with general observation.

The students also had the opportunity to hear from those currently at university undertaking forensics courses, leading them to appreciate the choices they will face in the future and gaining an insight into what life is like after school.