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Former Lytchett Students in Cycle Challenge

On 26 August 2019, six former Lytchett students (or husbands of former Lytchett students), Joe Burkmar, Mike Coe, James Davies, Tim Hannibal, Rew Leonard and Lewis Whitehouse, embarked on a 600-mile bike ride from Poole to Jersey – the “long way round”. The ride is taking them from Poole to Folkestone, across the Channel and on to St Malo, then across to Jersey, finishing with a lap of the island. The cyclists are raising money for a collective friend, Will Ross, who suffered a freak accident resulting in instant paralysis, severe spinal cord injury and multiple breaks down his spine, ribs and shoulder blades. Funds are being raised for Will, his wife and young daughter, as well as for the Inspire Foundation, who research spinal cord injuries.

You can track their progress on their website here.