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PRE Students Attend Theology Lecture

On Friday, 24 May, a group of GCSE and A Level PRE students travelled to Canford School to listen to American philosopher and theologian Dr William Lane Craig deliver a lecture entitled "Three reasons God exists and why it matters". Dr Craig is one of the scholars included in our A Level specification, so students were keen to hear his views (and possibly get him to write an essay plan for them!).

Dr Craig argued that it makes rational sense to believe in God for three main reasons:

  1. The universe has a starting point and God is the most rational explanation of that starting point
  2. God makes sense of the fine tuning of the universe for human life
  3. God makes sense of the moral values and duties that we experience in the world.

Furthermore, Dr Craig argued that the question "does God exist?" is one of the most meaningful questions that a person can ask. He goes further, saying that life becomes an absurdity if God does not exist because having faith gives life meaning, value and purpose.

Whilst not all those attending agreed with Dr Craig, everyone appreciated his skills as a public speaker and the clarity with which he expressed his ideas. After the lecture, students were able to join Dr Craig for refreshments and to ask him further questions. He also kindly agreed to have a department photograph taken with him, even writing a message for Mrs McCarthy, who was sadly unable to join us. We would like to thank Mrs Sadler, who kindly came into work early so that she could drive us to Canford School.

You can watch the lecture below. Don't forget that you can keep up to date with the PRE department's news via our Twitter feed, where we also share examples of great work, trips, revision information and articles to extend our students' learning.