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Amanda Meredith

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mrs Amanda Meredith who, until last year, was a teacher of art and textiles at Lytchett Minster School. Amanda taught at the school for 24 years, retiring last year on the grounds of ill health. She was highly respected and loved by staff and students alike and will be greatly missed. She was a caring tutor and a very effective and successful classroom teacher. Our thoughts are with her husband and wider family.

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89 thoughts on “Amanda Meredith

  1. I was working at the school as a Music teacher when Amanda took up her post as Art teacher. She was a great support to musical productions as well as being a great friend.
    Sending love and thoughts to the the family!
    Helen xxx

  2. My art and textiles tutor from year 8 to year 13 (2008-2013), she will be sadly missed. She helped to push me in the right direction, now I’ve finished my art degree and exhibiting work across the uk! Rest in peace 💜

  3. My tutor for many years and a very kind and loving soul! She helped me out when a friend passed and was always so joyful in the mornings. She will be missed and well remembered! Rest In Peace

  4. Mrs Meredith was an amazing art teacher that made me want to go to school and learn. I’m now in the world of floristry being creative every day and I owe that to this wonderful lady. Sending love to all her family ❤️

  5. My tutor in year 7 and art teacher in year 13, so throughout my whole time at Lytchett Mrs Meredith was there to push me and inspire me both in my personality and love for art/textiles! Always so lovely and supportive x Thankyou xx thoughts with family and friends of course

  6. I wasn’t taught by Mrs.Meredith but I spent a lot of time around the art department in my days at Lytchett Minster. Myself and my friends would always feel welcome to use her classroom during lunch and later on during our free periods, and we spent a lot of happy times there. She was a lovely warm and kind lady who I’m sure will be missed by many.

  7. This is such sad news, you pushed me to do more and always had the advice to direct me into a world of new techniques in order to give my work that little bit extra! The school isn’t going to be the same without you! Sending love to her husband, family and dearest friends 💖

  8. my art teacher from year 7 all the way through til year 11. hands down the best art teach i ever had. my thoughts go out to all her family and friends ❤️

  9. She was a great teacher! Always saw your strengths and pushed you to acheive the best in all work. Thoughts are with her family.

  10. I was taught by Mrs Meredith in the years 8 and 9 and she was such a great teacher, will be greatly missed ❤

  11. Mrs Meredith was my tutor for many years, mainly in Textiles. She was one of the first people that helped me develop an interest in fashion which has led to my studies in London at University. Her passion for learning about art and design will live on through the inspiration she gave to her students. RIP Mrs Meredith x

  12. I remember her when I was at the school with her wacky wardrobe.she always had brightly coloured clothing which really complemented her personality. She was a lovely teacher, one of the best.

  13. She was a teacher with such warmth and had a real spring about her. She was so kind and funny and as my former tutor and art teacher she will be greatly missed.

  14. Wow, this is deeply upsetting. I still have a card from Mrs. Merideth when my dad passed away. She was my rock and the best tutor/teacher. You will be missed Mrs Merideth. R.I.P

  15. A truly amazing lady and Art Teacher, so sad, RIP Amanda. Sending my love and thoughts to her family. Jayne x x x

  16. This is such sad sad news.
    Mrs Meredith was a wonderful teacher and really inspired me throughout my time at Lytchett 1999 – 2004
    She was incredibly supportive and helpful.
    She will be dearly missed, my love goes out to all who knew her and her family.

  17. Mrs Meredith was an absolute legend! She was a lovely (and funny) lady, who shall be missed by any student that she taught. Sending my thoughts and love to her family. Rest in Peace ❤

  18. So sad to see this. Her flamboyant dress sense was awesome ! Was a woman totally comfortable with her own style and in her own skin. My thoughts are with your family xxx

  19. Mrs Meredith was my textiles teacher for years and her lessons were the ones I looked forward to the most. Our class spent many a lunchtime in her classroom doing work and her classes were always filled with laughter and joy. I’ll never forget her wicked sense of humour, passion for art or her funky necklaces. She’ll be missed, but never forgotten.

  20. I was head of drama while Amanda was teaching and I am so very sorry to hear such sad news. She was an amazing teacher and good friend designing some fantastic sets for our productions.
    My thoughts are with her husband and family.

  21. A fantastic teacher who devoted so much of her time and energy regardless of whether art was your passion or not! An inspiration to many. Thank you

  22. Deeply saddened to learn of her death. She was a good friend and a dedicated colleague. I will always remember her wonderfully dry sense of humour.

  23. How very sad ☹️ I remember Mrs Meredith from before she was married. My favourite art teacher by far. A quirky dress sense, fantastic sense of humour and always encouraging even when the art left a little to be desired. A lovely, warm inspirational lady. Thinking of all those who knew her personally 😢

  24. Amanda was such a wonderful woman. An inspiring, encouraging teacher. She was funny, caring, intelligent and respectful.

    She was very influential in my creative development and help steer me on my creative path and career in design.

    I know she will be missed so dearly by many. XX

  25. What a devastating loss for the school and her family. I am so very sorry to hear this news. Amanda was a wonderful and inspiring teacher to my boys and I am privileged enough to have had the opportunity to work alongside her for so many years during my time at Lytchett.

    She also wore great shoes! x

  26. Oh no , this is such sad news , I worked at the school many years ago when I was pregnant with My son who is now in year 9 , she was amazing and at the time I’d received some sad news and I remember how lovely she was to me , deepest condolences to her family , friends , students and work colleagues . Bless her 💕😢

  27. Mrs Meredith was one of the most kind hearted teachers I could’ve ever had. She taught with passion as she did what she loved, and she really showed that in all of our classes. The thought of her being gone leaves an empty space in my heart as students won’t get to cherish her teachings as I did in Year 7 and Year 9. My thoughts go out to her family and I hope her legacy lives on throughout Lytchett.

  28. Absolutely heart broken – Mrs Meredith was an incredible teacher who gave me my love for art / fashion and textiles during my time at the school. She encouraged me not to give up and I went onward to Bournemouth Arts Institute to complete the foundation course. RIP – will never forget those wonderful years in your classes 🥺😢💐💔 Xxx

  29. Mrs Meredith… I don’t know what to say, other than thank you. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Thank you for encouraging me to find a passion in art. Thank you for being the person I needed when I doubted myself. I wish I could have told you how much you truly helped me; because of art I met my husband and got an amazing job. I am so happy now, and I feel you have a huge part to play in that. It may have been a small seed you planted, but it has grown wonderfully through the years.

    You will always be in my memory and heart.

  30. I wish all my best to Mrs Meredith’s loved ones who will be grieving for the lose of such a wonderful and inspirational women. I will continue to forever tell my story of the only one time in my life I was proud of a piece of Art which you encouraged me to do!! May you Rest in Peaxe xxx

  31. One of the most upbeat, kind and warm teachers at the school, who I considered a friend rather than a teacher. She was my teacher from year 7 until year 12 and taught me pretty much everything I know about textiles, but also helped me through the more stressful times with our after school tea and biscuit chats. She will be greatly missed, thoughts are with the family.

  32. Mrs Meredith you helped me get a b in art thank you so much for being a great teacher.. very sad to hear you go. 😢

  33. Mrs Meredith was a lovely, warm and kind person. She made A-level art lessons so relaxed and fun, as well as being so genuinely interested in each of her students as a person. She made students feel at ease and was incredibly supportive. My thoughts go to everyone at Lytchett and Mrs Merediths friends and family.

  34. Mrs Meredith was a fantastic teacher who had an amazing smile and a wicked sense of humour. She was the teacher who made me choose textiles at university and got me to where I am know. She was supportive and I really enjoyed being taught by her. Another lovely teacher taken too soon. Rest in Peace.

  35. Such a warm, caring teacher who never stopped believing in anyone.
    Such sad news. Sending all my love to all her family.

  36. Mrs Meredith was by far the best teacher I had in this school, she helped me get the grade I got in art. Couldn’t have done it without her. She taught me so many new skills that will be with me for life now. She was respected by everyone in that school. Will be missed dearly. Sending love and hugs to family x

  37. Very sad to hear this. I worked with Amanda for many years before I moved schools. A very talented artist and lovely lady. So sad for her family. My best wishes and condolences to them.

  38. I thoroughly enjoyed art at A level with Mrs Meredith, she really supported the different creative directions we wanted to go in. I returned to the school as a TA and got to witness her brilliance as a teacher from another perspective. So calm and giving of her time. I remember her getting married & showing the photos of her beautiful wedding. She helped me create my wedding decorations outside of school hours too. Just a wonderful lovely person. I really am so sad. My thoughts go to Mr Meredith and family.

  39. Mrs Meredith was not only my teacher but also my friend. She convinced me to take Art GCSE and A level because she saw something creative in me I wasn’t yet confident in to pursue on my own.
    I then had the honour to be a TA in her class for nearly three years and she encourage me to become a teacher.
    She taught me that life was fun and about expressing oneself. I learnt it was totally okay to wear different colour shoes and tights!
    She will always be an important part of my life for encouraging me to be me!
    My thoughts, love and prayers are with all her friends and family.
    Such a beautiful woman. Such an inspiration!

  40. What a lovely lady, so sad to hear this. Will always remember our chats with regard to this and that, normally about her way out dress sense! RIP Amanda, Carole and I send our thoughts to the family.

  41. Greatly saddened to hear of Mrs Meredith’s passing. She was a lovely kind lady, encouraging and supportive to Rhiannon both as a tutor and an art teacher, encouraging Rhiannon’s love of textiles and I am sure would be very proud to hear that Rhiannon will go on to study textile design at University this year, inspired by a wonderful, funny and supportive teacher. My condolences to her friends and family and my thoughts are with her colleagues in the Art department at this sad time

  42. Mrs Meredith was an amazing, kind and warm person. She was always smiling and was a fantastic teacher. She never treated our class as students. She treated us as her family. She cared and supported us and made sure we always worked our hardest. I always enjoyed our lessons in Year 8 as she was always bubbly and happy. She will be greatly missed. She helped me learn to love art again and I couldn’t be more grateful. I send my condolences to her family and close friends and I hope people will remember the caring person that she was and always will be.

  43. I am so sincerely saddened by this news. Mrs Meredith was my GCSE Art teacher at Lytchett in 1994-1996. She was infinitely patient and I always found refuge in her classroom during lunchtimes. I was delighted to find that when I returned to work at Lytchett in 2016 she was still an active member of the teaching staff…and even remembered me. She gave so much to so many and will be remembered fondly by anyone lucky enough to have crossed paths with her.

  44. I had the pleasure to teach along side Amanda for 7 years. We were tutors together in Purbeck House. We would often start the day with a cup of tea and a chat. She was so cool. Lovely. Generous. Funny and most of all a positive person. Whenever I spoke to Amanda I came away smiling. Great teacher. Great colleague. Amazing person. Missed by all xxxx

  45. Such an inspirational teacher, helped me develop my love of bridal fashion and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help!
    Love and thoughts to her family.

  46. Showing my age as I remember when she started at the school as Miss Clowes! She gave me much needed confidence in my artistic ability during Year 8 and was a fabulous teacher. RIP X

  47. Such a lovely lady. So sad to read this. One of my favourite colleagues at Lytchett, always had a kind word and a smile when I spoke with her. Rest in peace Amanda xx

  48. A compassionate, talented individual with a fabulously dry sense of humour. All our thoughts are with Si and her friends. She has been and will be terribly missed.

  49. So very sad to hear this news.
    It’s all been said already so I can only reiterate that it was a privilege to work with Amanda during my years at Lytchett.
    I fondly remember her passion for teaching and for her ability to bring out every last ounce of potential in every student.
    My condolences to her husband and family.

  50. Mrs Meredith will be sadly missed. Although I never got taught by her she seemed like such a nice, loving person. She always had a smile on her face. You will be missed ❤️

  51. Some of my fondest and happiest memories from school have to be from my textiles classes with Mrs Meredith. I envied her impeccable style and ability to pull off just about any colour of tights! We had the best times being creative with her and I definitely would not have chosen a design degree if it wasn’t for her guidance and belief. A one of a kind teacher that inspired so many. My thoughts are with her family, who I hope read all of these lovely comments and find comfort in knowing how adored she was. RIP lovely lady x

  52. Heartbreaking news. Such a warm, kind and genuine person, always smiling and she had a wonderful sense of humour – sending love to her family at this sad time.

  53. Such a lovey teacher, really supported our children through their time at the school, so sad, so tragic and unfair 😔

  54. I am literally so desperately saddened to learn of the loss of Amanda. Amanda was such a lovely bubbly person and I adored her and her flair for art. I will always remember her wacky dress sense and that she would wear different coloured shoes matching her outfit perfectly. I am so sorry she has gone. 😢 Sending my love to her family at this very sad time xx RIP Amanda xx

  55. So sad to hear this news. She taught me when she was still Miss Clowes! I was completing GCSE Art at the time. She was so inspiring, I remember vividly working on a final piece with her. We decided to wrap wire around a newspaper sculpture and burn it so we were left with an empty wire shell. I was very impatient and did a dreadful job of wrapping the wire, so it fell apart when it was burnt 😂 I was so cross and she was so calm and encouraging, smiling and seeing the funny side. A wonderful person taken too early. Think of her nearest and dearest xx

  56. Such a wonderful, caring and inspiring lady. With fantastic style! Many laughs where had in her class and tutor group xxx

  57. Mrs Meredith was one of my favourite teachers when I went to lytchett, without her input and encouragement I would not of got the grades I did for my A levels in art back in 2002 very found memories, thank you! RIP

  58. Rest ln peace Amanda. You were always popular with pupils teachers and staff always a favorite of mine god bless 🤗🤗☓☓

  59. Although I never met her I feel awfully sorry for her fellow colleagues and family and close people to her because I know what it’s like to loose a loved one and how we react. Rest in peace and I hope people stay strong. Xx

  60. Amanda was a wonderful woman – caring, funny and dedicated. She had the most amazing outlook on life and I absolutely loved our little chats. My thoughts go out to her family.

  61. Mrs Meredith was the most courageously passionate and quirky teacher I have ever had. Her classroom was my refuge, her hugs where warm, and her smile was infectious. I will never forget her dancing around the classroom to the radio. Thankyou for all you gave us.

  62. Mrs Meredith was such a warm and supportive teacher and witty too! The passion she had for art was infectious and I remember her gentle encouragement to help me achieve my best. I’m so sad to hear of her early passing and sending strength and love to her family x

  63. Such an awesome, loving and supportive teacher. She helped me so much in my last few years at school. Will never forget it. RIP Miss xxxxx

  64. Very sad and shocked to learn of Amanda’s death, she was a really lovely lady and it was a privilege to have known and worked with her. You only had to look at her to know she was an Art teacher, her amazing outfits always made me smile as she walked through the school. Gone too soon Amanda, R.I.P. Condolences to her husband and family.

  65. So very sorry to hear this news. As a past pupil and GCSE & Alevel art student, I have fond memories of Mrs Meredith. Such a kind, caring, professional teacher and a talented artist. I still remember being taught shading techniques and mark making with batik. Sending warmest thoughts to family x

  66. Mrs Meredith was by far the best teacher I ever had. She was so inspirational and supportive and always had time and patience for every pupil. I went on to study design at university because of her. I will forever look back on my time at Lytchett with fond memories and think of her and the art department and what a huge part she played in my secondary school years. Rest in peace Miss xxx

  67. On behalf of Amanda’s family I would like to thank you all for the lovely warm heart felt comments about Amanda’s impact on your lives. Amanda made a difference to so many people as a teacher and mentor – and it is lovely that so many of you have shared your thoughts and memories x Amanda shined so very brightly into our lives – as a family we miss her dearly – and it is lovely to hear how she you touched your lives x thank you.

  68. Amanda is my cousin. Fond sunny memories of childhood – playing together during the long summer holidays in The River Eden – a time long gone. Amanda grew into a beautiful and talented lady. Caring, intelligent and kind with a great sense of humour and a delightful laugh! Always a positive attitude to life even during challenging times. Always ready to listen. I have found it really uplifting to hear all your tributes to her. She will be missed by so many.
    Sleep softly lovely girl. x

  69. The reason I’m still doing the arts today. Such an inspiration that guided me through my GCSEs and A-Levels.
    Wonderful woman and wonderful teacher that I had great respect for. So sad to see her go Xx

  70. Such sad news to hear. It was Mrs Meredith that helped me get the best grade I could in art. My thoughts are with her family and colleagues. RIP Mrs Meredith.

  71. Mrs Meredith was my A-level art teacher (1995-2002). She was always smiling and always had a passion for the arts. This is such sad news. Love to her family and friends at this difficult time.

  72. Mrs Meredith, was very kind caring and a supportive teacher, respected by all teachers and students, especially my daughter Brandie Tuttiett who a great admiration for what mrs Meredith , who helped her with a lot of her knowledge and skills, and advise on her career in the textile trade, will be missed by Brandie and many others, R.I.P. X

  73. Mrs Meredith bumped into me at my place of work and asked me how I was because she remembered me from school. This was 10 years after I left lytchett and she wasn’t even my teacher. She was such a kind, caring and lovely lady 🙏🏻X

  74. It was a privilege for any student to be taught by Mrs Meredith she was able to bring her culture, knowledge and colourful world to Dorset full of bright prints, tights and wonderful shoes! She had the ability to stretch the world out a little more around you to include new art and artists you would have never known about. Not only was she a brilliant and encouraging teacher but also a talented artist and maybe from that way of seeing the world was able to make sensitive comments and observations admiring things in students work or about them no one else saw. I remember her saying you have to be an illustrator and now I am – she gave me that glimpse into that world I am now apart of so thank you Mrs Meredith you will be sorely missed (especially your laugh) but I hope her friends and family can find some comfort in knowing that her inspiration and legacy live on in many students careers and lives.

  75. Firstly I would like to send my condolences to Amanda’s Family at this sad time, My thoughts and prayers are with them. I read the terrible news this morning before work and it has stayed with me all day conjuring up memories from school and my Art classes with Miss Clowes (as I knew her) all the way back in the late 90’s. I remember her well, she was a creative force for me back then and I always looked forward to her class. There was something different about her from other teachers, dressed in black, an aura of mystery I recall, stylish, very at home in her school surroundings and made the art room her own from the very first day. An air of calm was always with her and she never lost the attention of her pupils due to the freedom she gave us to express ourselves through our work. She always encouraged, spoke a kind word about whatever project I was working on and that inspired me at a great deal back then. What a career she has had at the school, working there for all this time, touching the lives of countless people in the process and I have absolutely no doubt inspiring them along the way. Thank you for your time and effort, it has not been forgotten by me 24 years later and will be remembered forever and day. Thank you Miss Clowes. Peace.

  76. Amanda was my amazing Aunt who I loved dearly and enjoyed many moments of laughter and fun with. I’m so thankful to everyone’s comments – it’s so touching to see the legacy she has made. Amanda is not gone – more-so she lives on in me, in us, and in the spirit of the school in which she taught so many. She had the ability to unlock the creative side in so many of us to help realise our potential and guide us on paths we may never have thought possible.

    Amanda for me will always be the coolest aunt who wore fantastic and bold pieces of clothing (her shoes, handbags and necklaces always a highlight!). She was more like a big sister to me who I could always look up-to and confide in.

    My fondest memories will always be from family get togethers and holidays. Whenever we have family gatherings, she was the member of my family as a child, and adult come to think of it, who I would turn to in order to get the giggles. We would always have a fork fight as well over the remaining roast potatoes after a Sunday roast, or with our spoons to scrape out the remnants of a sticky toffee pudding. Lots of games would be played as a family, and Amanda and I were always up for a bit of dancing to music too (on one occasion we stuffed maracas into our socks and danced about rattling away to the tune of my Nanny and Grandad’s phone ringtones because why not! [having to hold back laughter just thinking of this])

    Above all else, I’ve come to find myself surprised that it is the sound of Amanda’s incredibly infectious laughter that I will miss the most. It is the one sound I can imagine and hear so clearly in my mind that I’m so glad all those fun times were had to help cement those moments and feelings in place so they never come to leave me. I’ll treasure them forever.

    I’m going to miss my dear Aunty AJ heaps and heaps Xx

  77. It has come as an unbelievable shock to hear this sad news! Miss Clowes as I knew her back then was such a lovely lady and as Art was my favourite subject I was always in the Art block and speaking to her in sixth form Art room along with Miss Theakston (dean) and Mr Shackleford. Good times and memories and I have so much to thank them all for. Rest in peace miss and my thoughts go out to all your family x Katie Stockley (1993 -2000)

  78. I am so sad to hear this. Amanda was one of the first teachers I got to know when I started Lytchett in about 2003. She was always so warm and friendly and always always had the kids at heart. I will never forget the weird and wonderful ‘fancy dress Fridays’ with Tracy Gudonis and Alan Willans. She was so effortlessly stylish and cool-we shared a love for Tatty Devine necklaces (she’s wearing one in this photo)
    Amanda was so much fun and such an inspirational teacher. Rest in Peace Amanda x x x

  79. Mrs Meredith quickly became one of my biggest inspirations at Lytchett. She taught me so much, and is the main reason I have gone on to study at University of the Arts London. Im incredibly grateful for everything she taught me and for believing in me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She was more than a teacher, she was a best friend and a shoulder to cry on and you knew she cared. The news is heartbreaking but I see her influence in my work every day and there’s not many people who have this privilege. She will be truly missed, she was one of a kind and the greatest teacher I’ve ever had

  80. Absolutely heartbreaking. Memories of Lytchett Minster School are full of Amanda’s wit, boldly coloured clothes, jewelry, lipstick and teapot or watering-can handbags all our fun in the performing arts block and Purbeck House. Irreplaceable, talented Amanda Meredith. A true Legend. Sending Love and strength to Simon and the family left behind.
    Emma Morris
    (GTP&NQT Music Teacher, 2003-2006)

  81. So very sad to hear the news of AJ passing on. She welcomed me into the department and readily shared her knowledge and joy of the subject as well as so many laughs. Her passion for creativity and the fun in life was totally infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching with AJ and have many fab memories. Thank you AJ for your inspiration and madcap antics!

  82. I was lucky enough to meet Amanda when we were teenagers on our Art Foundation course in Luton. Amanda was tall, willowy and striking – I was in awe of her! We became firm friends, our friendship sustained over 36 years through the ups and downs of our lives. Amanda was kind, gentle, sensitive, thoughtful, talented, and generous. She also had a fantastic sense of humour and a wonderful laugh. She was always there for me – utterly dependable – and I can’t really express just how much I am going to miss her. The special Amanda-shaped hole can never be filled. A beautiful and exceptional human being, thank you Amanda, for being my friend and enriching my life.

  83. My name is Tom Clowes and I am Amanda’s father. My thanks to everyone for the warmth and you have shared with all of Amanda’s family. She will be missed greatly but like you we have our special memories and love to keep her burning bright in our lives. Bless you all and may your lives be as full and happy as Amanda’s.
    With my warmest regards.
    Tom Clowes

  84. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t clash. There wasn’t a day I wasn’t supported by her. She was an incredible lady who taught me and my brother, she really was an incredible lady.

  85. I’ve only just heard the sad news about Amanda. As both a form tutor and art teacher she was a calm, stylish and above all very kind influence on us all. The comments above are testament to her legacy and I wish her family all the best.

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