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Science Roadshow

On Wednesday, 27 March six of our top Year 9 scientists, accompanied by their teacher Mel Ventham, visited Bere Regis Primary School to participate in an apprenticeship afternoon. The aim was to give students in Years 1 to 6 the opportunity to participate in some hands-on practical science, as well as to demonstrate how a sound understanding of science can lead to many different careers.

While we were there, our students helped the younger children to make bath bombs and investigate the chemistry that causes bath bombs to fizz. The children found it quite a challenge to keep the bath bomb from reacting too quickly when the wet ingredients were added – we had some very interesting results!

After demonstrating the “screaming jelly baby” thermite reaction, we investigated which surfaces absorbed and reflected light best. Our Year 9 students helped the primary students to build “light caves” enabling them to determine which materials were most reflective. This was a very tactile activity which the smaller children particularly enjoyed – especially with the different textures. The afternoon finished with a demonstration of how to fit a boiled egg into a conical flask by reducing the pressure inside.

The session was a huge success and enjoyed by all. Lytchett’s students were a true credit to the school. Thanks to the science technicians, particularly Karolina Nowak, for making the roadshow portable and putting all the equipment together. Thanks also to Mr Mead and Mr Coombes for transportation. Finally thanks to our brilliant Year 9 scientists: Amelia Barber, Christian Walker, Sophie Junnier, Bethany Pryor, Zack Little and Kacey Borg-Fowley for being superb ambassadors for the school.