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Inter-Schools’ Chess Tournament

On Monday, 18 March we were delighted to welcome Poole Grammar School for the fantastic semi-final of the Bournemouth and District Chess League Inter-Schools’ tournament. Both teams played honourably in each of the three rounds that were played. Each game operated under a 30-minute time constraint, meaning players were under considerable pressure to find that perfect move. Under the tournament rules, teams are awarded one point for every win they collect, half a point for every draw and no points for a loss.

Poole graciously took the lead within the first round, scoring 3.5 points for their team. Lytchett’s efforts were rewarded with 2.5 points; with only a one point difference and two rounds still to play, a place in the finals was still within reach of both teams.

Round two created no great distance between the two teams – there was still just a one point difference, and the stress was beginning to build for the final round! As the final round commenced, both teams prepared for the touch challenges that lay ahead. Although Lytchett’s team fought with dignity, Poole pulled out every trick in the book to win the final round and earn their place in the tournament final. The scores were 7.5 points to Lytchett, 10.5 to Poole Grammar.

Every student that took part in the match should be proud of themselves, as they all gave 100% for their team. We wish Poole Grammar every success in the tournament finals.

A note from Mr Reghif

It was an excellent match, with each game closely fought. Well done to all the students who played: Ben Howard (Year 13), Zack Little (Year 9), Jonathan Nunn (Year 8), Brodie Scott (Year 8), Josh Stevens (Year 11), Chris Fowles (Year 11) and Jack Prosser (Year 12), who also wrote the article above. Reaching the semi-finals is the best we’ve achieved so far and now, as a school, we are holding our own with the other schools in the area. It’s great to see the improvements each of the team members are making; they should all be very proud of their performance.