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Big Bang STEM Fair

A group of Year 8 and 9 students recently embarked on a trip to the Bovington Tank Museum to experience a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities. Their excitement at the different engineering and science futures open to them was clear, as is evidenced in the report below.

The following report was written by Jason Edwards (Year 9)

What a day! Before anything else, we were at the Bovington Tank Museum,  which meant we were surrounded by tanks! Anyway, once we had registered, there was a presentation about the progress of science from our birth, which kick-started the show; it was very impressive, particularly because it included a good amount of liquid nitrogen.

Half an hour later, whilst exploring the fair, we discovered a VR (virtual reality) recreation of a jet fighter refuelling in mid-air. The first try I had, I aced it, the second try not so much!

Moving on, we met a team who had built one of the fastest cars in the world – Bloodhound SSC – and they gave us a challenge: we had to create a car that would go as far as possible using K’nex bricks. After ten minutes’ designing and imitating other models, I came up with a solution which travelled as far as 50cm – which I thought was acceptable, until the person next to me achieved a score of 90cm. There were also a few 3D printers there which were impressive.

Overall, all this trip has helped kick-start my mind in to considering an engineering future.