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Year 10 Cyber Challenge

Year 10 Computer Science students took a day out of the classroom on Tuesday, 25 September to visit the British Army Camp in Blandford, working with the Royal Signals in a cyber security challenge, along with a number of other schools.

The challenges were exceedingly difficult, covering many concepts relevant to GCSE, A Level and beyond, and it was great to see the students getting stuck in and figuring out how to solve them. Challenges ranged from steganography (hiding a message within another message) to injection attacks, cryptography, and logic gates.

One of Lytchett’s teams was leading for most of the day but were unfortunately pipped at the post by another school. They did, however, manage to come in second place, with other Lytchett teams securing third and fourth.

The day was part of the Year of Engineering and aimed at showcasing STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and its real-world application and practical uses. Students gained an understanding of the considerations for cyber security and how messages can be hidden and secured. Those looking towards careers in cyber security are encouraged to study GCSE and A Level Computer Science and to maintain an interest outside of school. The soldiers who created the challenge our students undertook recommend OverTheWire.org and Cybrary.it for more information on cyber security.